SidelineHD just got

called up!

SidelineHD just
got called up!

To our sidelineHD community,

I’m excited to share that sidelineHD is being acquired by Diamond Kinetics, a leading technology company in youth sports.  

As part of Diamond Kinetics, we’re doubling down on livestreaming and video highlights.  Expect better livestreaming tools, full-featured mobile apps, personalized AI clips, and more partnerships with the brands you love.

Our service is staying put – same sidelineHD website, same sidelineHD app.

  • You’ll always have FREE streaming to Facebook and YouTube.

  • Your personalized highlights are still at sidelineHD.

  • We’ll continue streaming all 8 of our sports.  

We couldn’t have done this without you. Together WE set the bar that pro-quality streams should be free to your community. WE paved the way with live scoreboards, texted highlights and live sensor feeds. As a token of our gratitude, our top 10% badged livestreamers will receive lifetime free access to sidelineHD and Diamond Kinetics digital products.

We are delighted to continue building with you and the Diamond Kinetics team.

Stream on!

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